Below is a partial list of Associations with which I am currently engaged to perform auditing and tax services.

Cedar Hollow Condominium Association 266 Units Six years
Centennial Station Condominium Assoc. New client;
multi-family senior community
One year
County Downe Owners Association 120 Units in twenty-two buildings Five years
Forsgate Community Association
3 different communities with
a golf course attached
Five years
Greenshire on the Park Condo Assn. 28 condominium units Three years
Makefield Glen Community Association
856 units comprised of three
different associations
Eight years
Oxford Crossing Homeowners Association 200 townhomes Five Years
Palmer Farm Village Community Association 212 units of single-family “Z”
Seven Years
Spruce Mill Condominium Association 568 condominium units- part
of a master association
Four years
Tyler Walk Homeowners Association 346 mixed units between single-
family homes and townhomes
Seven Years
1219 W. Wynnewood Condominium Association 96 units in one high-rise Building-
Eight years
Village Shires Community Association 1502 units throughout seven
communities. I also audit many of the cluster communities
Three years
Village of Valley Glen Condominium 58units-member of recreation
association with another association
Five Years
Woodhollow Condominium Association 336 units in 22 buildings Seven years
Wyckoff’s Mill Condominium Association 212 condominium units located
in 28 buildings.
Seven years